PLAYROOM is a unique concept. This place creates an atmosphere, where time and space can develop a new kind of power to generate new and innovative ideas. PLAYROOM creates the spirit of the Silicon Valley inside your company.

PLAYROOM is a new, temporary pop-up room to boost innovation within your organization. Inside PLAYROOM, your employees will be part of a completely new world: Without command structures, agenda or defined rules. Instead they experience an environment of inspiration and new ways of communication and interaction that enables them to deliver great ideas.

PLAYROOM is the anti-workshop and anti-meeting-room. This place inspires and motivates your employees and stimulates their creative potential and generates impressive results. No more post-workshop dilemma!



NCR GmbH Germany uses the PLAYROOM and our innovation consultancy services for their customer activities in order to think forward the retail and financial services industry.  First clients are Volksbank eG Schwarzwald Baar Hegau, Volksbank Heilbronn and Kreissparkasse Göppingen. These clients use our mobile as well as our stationary PLAYROOM inside their branches and for their events.

NCR Website

Press release – PLAYROOM at Volksbank eG Schwarzwald Baar Hegau

Press release – PLAYROOM at Kreissparkasse Göppingen


German ad agency nufari used PLAYROOM elements for their workshops at the Bayer Campus Challenge 2016 (by Bayer Karriere) which took place in Leverkusen from October 9 to 11.

Bayer Campus Challenge 2016

swiss_innovation_day_2 SHL

The 2016 Swiss Innovation Day focused on the future of tourism. International experts rethought hospitality, which was the focus topic of the event that took place at the SHL Swiss Hotel Management Academy Lucerne.
The Playroom concept was used as a plattform to enable the immersion into new technologies relevant for the industry as well as foster the exchange with industry and technology experts in a series of workshops.

Facebook Page Swiss Innovation Day 2016

Swiss Hospitality Solutions


rene masstti

Rene Massatti

Co-Founder & Managing Partner


Rene has more than 15 years of international experience in generating innovative ideas on a professional level. He is a frequent keynote speaker and workshop host, has won numerous awards and is a lecturer for future trends and innovation at Vienna´s University of Business and Economics and Zurich´s University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration. Rene is a passionate windsurfer and lives with his family in Vienna, Austria.


Norbert Hillinger

Co-Founder & Managing Partner


During 10 years in the field of trend- and innovation consulting, Norbert has accompanied an impressive assortment of companies with a focus on the financial service, retail and entertainment industry. He becomes really passionate when he talks about the use of new technologies, no matter if he consults enterprises on how to use them in their marketing campaigns or gives one of his many keynotes at international conferences. Norbert is a born Austrian who lives in Berlin and tries to hit the water to launch his kite as often as possible.


Alexander Wolf

Co-Founder & Creative Officer


Alexander also lives in Vienna and brings in more than 15 years of experience in product- and industrial design. He has been designing numerous products, guidance-systems and exhibition stands for international clients. He also founded CycleCraft, a company that develops and builds different setups for cargobikes such as coffee, icecream and promotion bikes. Alexander sings and plays guitar in a band or in summer a nice jam session with friends at his favourite beach in crete after a windy day of windsurfing.