To us, the most important components in the process of innovation are space, time and culture.

Every company has to develop its own innovation culture. Therefore, agile methods and systems are needed to support this progress.

Playroom designs agile multi space concepts in the area of innovation.

Playroom consults and supports clients with the development of new ideas in innovative environments.

Form follows function. Room follows play. An innovative environment is important and useful. Nevertheless, it is a tool kit which only gets effective through the right way of usage.

Only after exploring what the client wants to achieve, when expectations are defined and targets are set, we start with the conceptual design of methods and room elements.


LABS is a holistic approach to integrate innovation as integral part of your corporate culture.

Playroom develops an individual concept with and for you to create such an innovation culture within your organisation.

We create a room where ideas get space to grow and a team can generate new inputs from within the company.

Furthermore, we see time as an important factor within the innovation process. With LABS, ideas can also rest and and develop actively. The experienced Playroom team supports the whole process with the right content, tools and methods.

BASE opens up a room to play, which intentionally is different than the rest of the organisation and from where change can spread. It visually shows the eagerness to create ideas, let them grow at this place, make faults and let creativity flow without borders.

Playroom offers the material and the methods. One consists of white and flexibly configurable cardboard and the fitting tools. The other of years of experience in innovation consultancy of our team.

It is the BASE for additional modules. It represents the beginning of a process which changes the corporate culture into a culture of innovation, starting from within the organisation. Playroom hereby operates as your partner for room and play.

PTCH your idea! An idea shall not perish at its presentation. Not only the creation but also communication is crucial for its success as it has to persuade and be carried by others as well.

PTCH provides the right environment for presentations, both physically and methodically, which enables you to reach these goals.

PTCH also provides the first step into the world of Playroom: on a small surface, new ways of cooperative working can be tested and innovation techniques applied. Using cardboard as a flexible material encourages a team to work together, to actively develop new ideas and to feel the advantages of working analogously.

THNK big! Through its structured process, the Design Thinking Playroom allows  to clarify an unclear problem, to create ideas and to find a user-oriented solution.

THNK invites you to take off: Through the structure found on cardboard and its stimulating design the participant loses any hesitation to start playing. Now new ideas can be created intuitively. Within 90 minutes a process is run through, which leads individuals or whole teams from problem framing till the creation of a prototype.

Herewith, Design Thinking gets integrated visually and sustainably within your company.

What is needed to realize an idea? It needs a place where it can take shape.

Playroom TYPE provides the right environment and tools to create models and test them in a cohesive way.

In cooperation with the team of Playroom, customized components will be created to enable life-sized prototyping.

These components are designed for highest flexibility. Whether on its own or in combination with other modules of Playroom, TYPE is the final piece of the idea generation process.

Rene Massatti

Co-Founder & Managing Partner


Rene is a frequent workshop host and keynote speaker on 3 continents and has +17 years of experience in working with international corporates and organizations in the area of innovation management. He holds a master degree in economics, focusing on international marketing and management and is also lecturer for trend-based innovation at Vienna´s University of Business and Economics, the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration in Zurich and the University of Colombo.

Norbert Hillinger

Co Founder & Managing Partner

Norbert is originally from Austria, but lives and works in Berlin. For the last 10 years he has been active in trend and innovation consulting. He accompanies brands in the development of their innovation management process, provides consulting service in the application of new technologies and the conception of modern marketing campaigns. Additionally, he is a frequent keynote speaker and workshop host on future oriented topics. When he is not busy he tries to spend as much time as possible at the water to pursue another passion of his, kitesurfing.

Alexander Wolf

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Alexander also lives in Vienna and has more than 15 years of experience as industrial designer and product developer. His field of expertise includes the development and design of smart clothing, orientation and signage systems, packaging and smart solutions for innovation rooms, exhibition stands and event concepts. As a passionate biker he founded CycleCraft, an innovative company which plans and creates individual setups for cargo bikes. These bikes can be used as a Coffee-Bike, a Promotion-Bike, a mobile DJ or a TV station. Alexander sings and plays the guitar in a band, or with friends at his favourite beach in Crete, after a windy day at the water with his surfboard.

David Stanoev

Product Manager

The biggest thrill for David is to look into the future. At Playroom, he discovers how companies can get involved in trends and achieve innovations.

Experiences in the startup and VC area, at a marketing agency, supporting a social venture in West Africa, in marketing & sales for IT companies and a legal training in the USA represent the cornerstones of his profile.

His academic background is focused on Business Law and International Marketing.

Lisa Koestl

Brand Director

Lisa Koestl has a master degree in economic science with a major in International Marketing and a minor in Social and Economic history.

25 years experience in senior positions in International Marketing, Strategic Retail & Sales Management, Advertising,  Brand & Corporate Culture Development and Commercial Interior Design Consulting.

„I help companies and organisations shape and leverage culture and fuel creativity and innovation in order to grow their businesses and build their brands. I build, but I also teach.“

Hannah Wundsam

Product Manager

Hannah is doing her masters degree in Strategy, Innovation and Management Control at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, where she developed her interest for future trends and innovation-cultures. In her spare time, she gets involved with the student innovation centre – [sic!], which supports students with a socio- ecological business idea to found their own start-up. Hannah, furthermore, teaches English and dance, and like her colleagues you may look for her at the kite-beach when it’s a windy day.


Saskia Wiencek

Project Manager

Saskia is born in Berlin and completed her studies of European Media Sciences in 2012. In her thesis she dealt with gamification.  Since she attended the School of Design Thinking at the Hasso Plattner Institut (HPI), she has been working as a coach and plans and conducts workshops. Additionally, Saskia is working as an editor in the field of TV and documentaries. When not working, Saskia loves surfing and doing yoga.


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Cooperation partner

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Innovation partner


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