The Essentials

With a strong focus on hands-on creativity, human-to-human interaction and structured progress, Playroom ESSENTIALS introduce modern collaboration methodologies in standardized and easily accessible formats.

The following Playroom ESSENTIALS are available:

Designed for:
Playroom ESSENTIALS are well structured and support consistent learning quality, making them ideal for Schools, Universities and the Corporate Education sector. They are widely used to introduce students to modern collaboration formats in a highly engaging way.
Day to day use by any teamĀ 
Playroom ESSENTIALS can be used in all environments, from innovation labs to meeting rooms and offices. Their inviting visual design and easy to use hands-on nature unlocks effective, motivating and well structured collaboration for any team.
THINK, a Playroom ESSENTIALS process
This process is inspired by and based on Design Thinking, making the very popular and widely used approach to human centered product and solution design easily accessible.


JOURNEY, a Playroom ESSENTIALS process
This process allows to rapidly analyze service journeys as experienced by the customer (or any other human target group) leading to identification of improvement potentials and ideas for solutions that benefit both the customer and the organization.
TREND, a Playroom ESSENTIALS process
The TREND process makes it easy to work with external market dynamics to identify new products or solutions, and comes with a pack of 120 Trend Cards to stretch thinking horizons and inspire creative thinking.
IMPACT, a Playroom ESSENTIALS process.
Based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the IMPACT process allows to clearly, identify and align on a sustainability strategy in any team or organization, resulting in clear fields of action, a ecosystem perspective on involved stakeholders, and next steps towards execution.

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