Design Thinking Playroom

How can the mindset and method behind Design Thinking be sustainably implemented within an organisation?
Our answer: By making the process come alive for the participants.

We have materialized Design Thinking and created a Playroom for it.

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At Playroom, all work surfaces are coated as whiteboards. Der Design Thinking Prozess

Design Thinking

… is an innovation and problem-solving method - as well as a mindset.It’s used to develop new products and services or to innovate processes. Throughout the work, the users and their needs always stay in focus.

Based on the needs of the defined users, teams generate lots of ideas and develop prototypes in a short time. These preliminary solutions get improved by an iterative exchange within the team and with the users. Der Design Thinking Sprints

90 Minutes - Sprints

THINK enables team members to determine a challenge, to create ideas and to find a user-oriented solution - all within a guided five-step process that is designed for a workshop of 90 minutes.

These individual steps are divided in intervals of 10 to 20 minutes to focus on each area of the process.

With its easy application, THINK allows for an intuitive access to Design Thinking.

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playroom think
playroom think
playroom think
playroom think

Together with our clients, we develop individual environments for Design Thinking and agile work - like with the innovation network „Plattform V“ from Vorarlberg, Austria:

These organizations are already working with Design Thinking Playrooms:

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By materializing the Design Thinking process, we increase the efficiency and sustainability of both method and mindset …

… a claim that we validate scientifically in the context of research cooperations with the Leuphana University and EAHM Dubai which we continuously implement into our product development.

playroom think playroom think


The Design Thinking module - all inclusive.

  • Material: Kapa
  • Overall dimensions: 400 x 230 x 120 cm
  • 6 walls with the Design Thinking process
  • 4 whiteboard walls with a surface of 9,2 m2
  • 3 Design Thinking cubes
  • 1 persona „cardboard buddy“
  • 1 Design Thinking bar table
  • Setup by Playroom with optional intro workshop

playroom think

If requested, we also compile sets with fitting workshop and prototyping material.

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The mobile version.

  • Material: Kapa
  • 4 Sets, each with 2 process panels
    (printed both-sided, dimensions 150 x 70 cm)
  • 4 persona „cardboard buddy“
  • 1 Design Thinking bar table