With THINK, we aim to make learning, implementing and facilitation of Design Thinking sessions way easier. The tools we have within our THINK series offer you a proven and structured approach to your challenges and problems.

We have put a lot of effort into shaping the process so that you can even get results within a 2–3-hour timeframe. We save your trainers, facilitators or teachers valuable time and allow your organisation to more efficiently adopt human centred methods for developing products, services, processes, business models and much more.

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THINK FLIP in 60 seconds:



Our Design Thinking workbook in a handy flipchart format. Allows for teams of 3 to 5 persons to work on their challenges or problems. Easy to carry around and bring along when traveling. The colourful layout transforms any space into an innovation hub! Use it on a flipchart or hang the sheets side by side on a large wall for the best overview of the process. 


We got your back:

We have developed a full deck of moderation cards to help the facilitator lead a successful Design Thinking session. The cards describe the general process steps, the prerequisites for getting to creative problem solving, the required team roles to make sure the session runs smoothly and explain the five steps of our process in detail. For each step, the goal, approach and tips and tricks are covered.

The moderation cards come in a handy carton box, including the basic materials you need for a THINK session like edding markers and sticky-notes. 

The THINK FLIP Starter Set  includes:

35 moderation cards
4 edding EcoLine markers
4 blocks sticky notes

Price: EUR 149,- (ex. VAT)



The THINK FLIP Pack of 5 includes:


…to get started with your team

or just because you can’t get enough.

Price: EUR 299,- (ex. VAT)


PLAYROOM THINK online introduction:

In this introduction, we go over the background of Design Thinking and address the different phases of it using our THINK process. We also discuss the requirements for running a Design Thinking session, including the necessary mindset, tools and setting.

Duration: 1,5h
Maximum number of participants: 16
Session type: online

Price: EUR 249,- (ex. VAT)



PLAYROOM THINK online training:

In this training we will go into the background of Design Thinking and give a detailed explanation of the different steps using our THINK process. In this interactive session, we will work with your own problem statement to actually walk through and experience the different steps of the process . To give a proper insight into possible applications of the process, we will cover a number of actual case studies.

Duration: 3h
Maximum number of participants: 8
Session type: online

Price: EUR  499,- (ex. VAT)


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