In today’s rapidly evolving world, the ability to adapt is paramount for an organization to remain successful and relevant. To flourish in this dynamic environment, companies are embracing user-centric working methods. By incorporating these methodologies into their strategies and operations, organizations can navigate uncertainties, uncover opportunities, and foster ongoing growth and development.


We understand the challenges organizations face in adopting new working methods. That’s why we offer a range of user-friendly competency frameworks, PLAYROOM Essentials, that allow your teams to stay focused on their tasks without the burden of implementation concerns.

With these tools at their fingertips, teams can effortlessly and efficiently design new products, services, business models, or improve existing processes.

Collaboration and teamwork 

Our processes foster collaboration and teamwork, which are invaluable skills for achieving goals. Utilise our methods to facilitate teamwork, encourage idea sharing, and teach them the benefits of learning from one another. Implement our processes for collaborative projects and create opportunities for analysing, evaluating, and solving real-world business problems. 

Let us assist you with our Tools and Services

We offer our PLAYROOM Essentials in various flexible forms. Be it an easy to bring along flipchart format, or a larger than live collaboration wall, we have the tools to match your needs.

Training and train-the-trainer 

To make sure your organisation is up-to-speed with the way of working, we offer online introductions and training sessions for all our PLAYROOM Essential processes. There we explore the power of the competence frameworks with constantly updated real life case studies. Our train-the-trainer sessions can either be online or onsite. Please contact us to learn more about the onsite training options. 

Would you like to allow your teams to be well equipped for taking the next step in creative collaboration? Waste no more time...

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