This is the PLAYROOM approach on traditional products like whiteboards, flipcharts and toolboxes. Drawing from our experience as workshop designers and -facilitators and our clients‘ needs, we’ve crafted a product range that’s all about flexibility, agility, vibrancy, and modularity, bringing the spirit of „play“ to the workplace. Use our PLAYROOM PLAYBOARDS to overhaul your working environment with ease.

At PLAYROOM, we’re all about sustainability, and we’ve gone the extra mile to make our products as eco-friendly as they come. Our PLAYBOARD series is crafted using PET, a lightweight material that feels as soft as felt. What makes it even better? PET is derived from recycled PET-bottles. And here’s the best part: PLAYBOARD products can be recycled, ensuring a more sustainable future.

Elevate your workplace with sustainable and playful PLAYROOM PLAYBOARDS



We’ve taken our processes and frameworks to the next level, giving them two distinct shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Get the full picture with our TERMINAL, a versatile setup that holds pre-printed magnetic sleeves showcasing the PLAYROOM Essential processes. But if you’re after something more agile and portable, check out our PLAYROOM ESSENTIALS in a convenient flip-chart size. No matter which option you choose, our frameworks are ready to come alive and empower your work.

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Say hello to our game-changing modular wall system that lets you tailor your space to fit your needs, be it for workshops, meetings, townhalls, or whatever the day throws at you. With our straight and triangle elements, you have the freedom to combine them in countless ways to create the perfect setup for any situation. These walls are not just walls – they’re covered in a magnetic whiteboard surface on the front, ready for all your workshop action. Our most popular configuration, „the TERMINAL,“ is always a hit. Get ready to transform your space with PLAYROOM’s revolutionary approach.

Transform your workspace with TERMINAL

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