In a complex and uncertain world, developing critical thinking skills and mindsets is crucial for students. To prepare them for the challenges and opportunities ahead, integrating processes and methodologies that stimulate these abilities into the curriculum is essential.


Discover our user-friendly competency frameworks, PLAYROOM Essentials, that equip you with powerful methodologies. 

These tools will support you, as a lecturer, in designing lessons that are relevant, relatable, and meaningful to students. Our processes offer a professional approach that is quick to deploy, save a ton of preparation time and are easy to scale within your organisation.

Collaboration and teamwork 

Based on the four C´s of 21st century learning – critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication – our processes foster collaboration and teamwork which we believe are invaluable skills in today’s interconnected world. Utilize our methods to equip your students for the future and inspire them on how to collaborate with their peers, to design collaborative projects that provide opportunities for students to analyse, evaluate, and learn how to deal with solving real-world problems. 

Let us assist you with our Tools and Services

We offer our PLAYROOM Essentials in various flexible forms. Be it an easy to bring along flipchart format, or a larger than live collaboration wall, we have the tools to match your needs.

Training and train-the-trainer 

To make sure your organisation is up-to-speed with the way of working, we offer online introductions and training sessions for all our PLAYROOM Essential processes. There we explore the power of the competence frameworks with constantly updated real life case studies. Our train-the-trainer sessions can either be online or onsite. Please contact us to learn more about the onsite training options. 

Would you like to design lessons that enable you to create student-centred, engaging, and effective learning experiences?

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